Zieriksee is the small pictorial "capital" of the island Schouwen-Duiveland. The medieval town centre is kept still complete. The most important objects of interest are the city gates from 14th and 15th century, the gothical city hall, the market, the cosy old and new port and the city prison from the 16th Century. Zierikzee is also nicel for just some shopping .

approx.. 15 min by car
The "goose city" Goes is a contemplative town with approx.. 35000 inhabitants. The port and the many monuments of the historical pregnant city are worth seeing. Each Tuesday and Saturday a weekly market is held on the historical market place.

approx.. 30 min by car

From Neeltje Jans it takes about 10 more minutes to Veere - a beautiful city with long history. In 1996 Veere celebrated its 700th city anniversary. The city hall build in 1470 in the style of the Brabanter gothic,the lategothical 'church of our lady' from the 13th century and many old citizen houses as well as the port are worth seeing! In the proximity you can take a sunbath at the beautiful beaches of Breezand and Oranjezon.
Delta Expo, Oosterscheldedam

On the artificial island Neeltje Jans you find the Delta Expo, an exhibition around the boldest hydraulic engineering project of the world: the Delta Project to the protection from storm tides and inundations, which devastated Zeeland already several times. The last large tide disaster was 1953.

approx.. 15 min by car

Middelburg is the capital of the province Zeeland. In the 17th century it was - beside Amsterdam - the richest city of the country. Today the city has 43000 inhabitants. The wonderful medieval town centre is kept in good state and partly restored.

approx.. 40 min by car
Rotterdam is a modern dynamic city, which can be surely called in the meantime the cultural center of the Netherlands. An attendance is surely worth at least because of the port, architecture and the museums. In 2007 the year of architecture is held in Rotterdam. Information:

approx.. a short hour by car

Not only interesting for museums and the harbour. Above all Shopping in Antwerp has world class. Here one finds in small distances all big fashion designers besides many less known crerative brands, designshops, antique shops and hundreds of sidewalk cafés and great restaurants.

approx.. 1 hour and 10 minutes by car

also Bruges and Ghent are worth a trip to neighbouring Belgium.
Antwerpen Veere stormvloedkering Zierikzee Goes Rotterdam
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