Scharendijke is a small town with a port at the Grevelingen lake and a beautiful beach at the northsea.
A bank between the sea and the lake connects the two former islands Schouwen-Duiveland and Goeree-Overfklakkee.
As a typical dutch town Scharendijke has its windmill, a supermarket with bakery, tobacconist and a few
cafés and restaurants. It is rather idyllic and calm., an ideal starting point for those who want to practise different kinds of
watersports, cycling or just enjoying the sea, beach and nature.

The yachting port is reached in a one minute walk. From the house to the beach the walk over a beautiful path on the dyke along the Grevelingenmeer takes a pleasant quarter of an hour.
the Northsee beach of Scharendijke
surroundings right at the dike diving haven scharendijke marina scharendijke beach club strand von scharendijke windsurfing